Monday, April 15, 2019

review | wish wooden crochet hook set

WISH is the current rabbit hole I think we all fall down occasionally. I downloaded the app randomly, since there are some nice things on there every once in a while (I got a perfume atomizer and I enjoy it to this day a while back). 

Of course, using some sort of data gathered, wish figured out that I crochet! This set of hooks was recommended to me, and it was $3.05 to get the hooks shipped to me. It took about 2 weeks, which is considerably fast for wish to ship something. 

They arrived in a simple, super cheap flimsy mailer with no padding whatsoever, so it's a good thing one of them were damaged.

They all have their mm labeled on them, and are smooth for the most part.

I tested one hook out with a thick yarn that was fuzzy because I wanted to see if the fiber strands would catch or not on any potential roughness.

.... and it did! But this doesn't mean I do not like these hooks. They're smooth for the most part, light, and were so cheap that I do not mind them catching. I intend to use them for projects where my yarn is likely to be snag-free! 

Have you ever ordered anything from wish and was pleasantly surprised by how good of quality it actually was? 

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