Wednesday, January 2, 2019

a love letter for the new year

I wanted to set my year off right... It's become very trendy to pick a simple word for the new year to hopefully set how the mood will be for your for the rest of the year. 

I've thought about it, and wondered if 'balance' or 'productivity' would be good words to choose. Of course, they very much are, but... This year, I've chosen a different word.


This year is bound to be full of it, and I find I do my best work when it's done in love and done with love supporting it from others. When I feel love and when I give love, everything really does have a wonderful rose tint to it. Love makes you feel romantic and whimsical and beautiful and weightless. 

I want to feel so much of that. 

Already, I've experienced so much love and it's only been 24ish hours into the new year. 

A major shout out to my best friend across the pond, Amy, who sent me a lovely message. 

Amy, I wish you growth and prosperity. Fun and joy, and of course, love. 

To my other friends, my message is much the same. 

We all deserve love and kindness and happiness. 2018, for so many, was a difficult year, and I think a great deal of us felt hatred, anger, apathy, and overwhelming despair at the prospects we've faced. To be very fair, so many threats and uncertainties loom over us, and we can never be sure what the future holds, but sometimes- just sometimes, it's those little moments where we see a flower blooming and we can feel a small kindling of love. 

So, 2019, we've just met, but I already love you and I hope you will love me in return ♥

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