Tuesday, January 22, 2019

2019 reading list so far...

Hello, everyone! How has your 2019 been treating you so far? Can you believe January is already almost over? 

I can't! 

I've been quite busy with working my new job and also doing the Whole30. I'm on day 14 and it feels like a struggle, but I have a support system that's encouraging me to keep on going. 

Anyways, one of my goals for 2019 is to read more physical books. I spend so much time glued to my phone, especially since I haven't had much of a social life since moving from Washington. Reading physical books calms, centers, and also transports me to new worlds that can help take away stress and anxiety! 

My favorite books are medieval fantasy books, but I'm trying to read more modern books recently. 

This is my stack of books that I'm going to attempt to read this year. I don't want it to grow till I've actually finished these books. The stack on the left are ones I actually found at the dollar store. The ones on the right are ones I got on good deals from Barnes and Noble. The two on top are gifts, one from Ash (Anne of Green Gables, which will be a reread for me) and Pinocchio from my dad. 

Do you have a stack of books for your 2019 reading so far? If so, tell me the ones you're either going to read first, or are most excited to get to! 

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