Monday, December 3, 2018

BLOGMAS | "classic" foods i love to eat during christmas

Hi all! I apologize for not posting yesterday for the *official* Blogmas day 2, but there were some family issues going on that needed time to be addressed. Thanks to those on twitter who sent well-wishes! 

In other news- I have a second job! I'm trying to save up money for some big plans, but the current part time I have isn't cutting it anymore. So I've picked up another job and will hopefully get going really soon! Again, thank you to twitter fam that sent love and support for the interview.

Anyways, I thought I would quickly write up my official day two of Blogmas on some recipes we typically make during the Christmas season in my family. (I'm waiting for my preworkout to kick in and I think it's kinda making me jumpy already).

Photo by from Pexels

"yummy potatoes" aka the Mormon standard for funerals/get togethers/parties/anything, really, funeral potatoes

Apparently this stuff is being packaged and sold now? We've always made it from scratch. My mom came from a Mormon background (as for me? agnostic, you didn't ask but I had to clarify), so we've had a lot of "classic Mormon" dishes growing up. 

She thought that funeral potatoes sounded too sad, so she always called them yummy potatoes for us because, well, they are! 

2. Ham, ham, thank you, ma'am. 

I love a good Christmas ham. Turkeys kinda suck and roasted chicken goes almost along the same vein (it's also just not a very "yay" type of food for me since I eat chicken daily). But a Christmas ham? Mmm, mm, mm! 

3. Rolls! 

I like to make this easy artisan bread that I learned how to make back in high school when I took advanced cooking (seriously, this was the easiest class in the world AND I got free food!)

Here's a quick link to the EASIEST, YUMMIEST bread ever! If you don't like a super hard crusty crust (my grandma can't eat it), put the pan of water in at the same time with the bread instead of pouring it into a hot pan. 

4. Gravy

I could eat gravy and mashed potatoes, gravy on rolls, gravy on ham- I mean... There aren't many things on a classic Christmas spread that you can't gravy-fy. I won't link to a gravy recipe because everyone does it so differently!

What's your fave classic Christmas foods? 

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