Monday, October 1, 2018

a little cold brew interlude

I've been getting more and more into drinking coffee. More recently, it's been to help with headaches, which I have suffered from since I was little. However, my friend Jordan was visiting with me a little over a month ago, and she has become obsessed with cold brew recently. 

I bought a french press, since there's a local coffee we sell at my work and I thought I wanted to have it at home.

Turns out I hate it when it's hot french pressed!!! It's nothing wrong with the coffee itself, nor the french press (I'm following the instructions properly, mind you), but I figured I would try my hand at making cold brew coffee. It's the craze that's been sweeping the nation for sure. 

I followed some instructions I gathered from several different websites. Most agreed on about a cup of coarsely ground coffee and about 16oz of room temp filtered water and letting it sit for at least 12hrs. After following these instructions, I found it to be such a mild taste and perfect for my palette. 

I recommend throwing in some creamer and a dash of milk of your choice. Of course... Some pumpkin spice this time of year won't go amiss!

Have you ever made cold brew at home? If so, let me know your method!

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