Sunday, October 7, 2018

5 #lazygirl tricks to hack a cozy evening

Who else reading my blog is a self-proclaimed #lazygirl? I am- part of it is to do with my depression and anxiety mental health struggles, but the other part of me?... I'm not sure. All I know is that I don't often have that internal drive to jump out of bed and loudly exclaim "THE WORLD IS MINE!!!!!!" each morning.

Or even at night- when I'm supposed to be winding down and trying to cozy up in bed to get myself snug, I put that off, and I'm someone who loves to sleep. 

I've been experimenting with ways to hack a cozy evening, #lazygirl style!

1. Turn down the heat- you should anyways.

Y'all know we are supposed to sleep at a cooler temperature at night, right? Some people I know do not believe this and are content to sleep in fiery pits of hell- heat-wise, at least. Aside from not dying in the heat (figuratively, of course), turning your heater down a smidge at night will give you an excuse to use all of those pretty throws you've impulsively bought knowing well that you have at least two like it at home.

2. Take a sock, fill it with rice, microwave it, and stick it at the foot of your bed. 

Warm blankets fresh out of the dryer are always awesome, but perhaps it's not a blanket washing day., and you really cannot be bothered with taking off the blankets, taking them to the dryer, waiting, and then taking them back to the bed and make the bed

The easiest way to get some of that warmth is to use a clean sock filled with heated dry rice and stick it in between your blankets. You could do one sock, or even three or five, and strategically place them around the bed. If you're fancy and have a hot water bottle, by all means, use that.

3. Easy microwaved cozy desserts

You want apple pie, but the stores are closed and you are not about to make a full-on pie at 12am in the morning. Or perhaps molten chocolate lava cake is more your pick of poison. 

No fear-

Here are a few easy microwaved desserts you can try out.

Spiced Pears (swap out the butter with vegan butter to make it dairy-free/vegan/gluten-free)
Molten Lava Cake (eggless!)

4. Thick, warm socks make any evening infinitely cozier.

For bonus points, take a minute to lather on thick body butter onto your feet before sticking them in the socks. This makes your feet soft and let's you feel like maybe you've got a tiny bit of control over your life anyways.

5. Too lazy to read? Go ahead and try an audiobook.

Or find a narrated story on YouTube. As much as I love reading, sometimes opening a physical book is just #TooMuch for me, so audiobooks are really nice. That way my hands are free to do something else (like knit, which calms my mind). I highly recommend Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire if you're looking for a cozy book. I'm not sure why, but that one in the series has always seemed much more cozy to me. So go ahead- listen to that audiobook and maybe also plan out your next Blogtober post?

What are YOUR #lazygirl hacks to make evenings more cozy as we descend into the colder months?

♥ Kassidy

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