Tuesday, October 2, 2018

3 of my fave spotify playlists

I've been a pretty devoted spotify listener for going on two years now. It's just the best streaming service I've found, and it is very reasonably priced for the range of music and podcasts it accommodates. 

Recently, I've been very into a few playlists I've found on there and thought I would share! 

1. Hyggelig Jazz 

Hygge (hue-guh), the Danish term for conveying a cozy mood and contentment and warmth, is a growing trend in the US, and across the world. Th
at, along with the idea of the Konmari method for minimalism, it's taken off in even such a maximalist based culture here. To really up the hygge feeling in your home, this playlist really nails it on the head! Throw on some organic wool socks, drink some tea, and curl up with a good book while you listen to this playlist.

2. Tokyo Rising

Looking to get into more music from Japan? Tokyo Rising is literally the hottest curated playlist that includes new music from both new and old artists! From good standbys like Perfume, to  the slightly newer joji (more popularly [or unpopularly] known as filthy frank), and new artists you've never heard of! And because Japan has an obsession with adding English in to their songs, there's actually quite a few songs that are in English, so it's perfect for the casual listener. 

3. Lush Lofi

In the mood for lofi but wanting to feel more like it's rolling off your skin the way silk does before it falls to the ground as you walk out onto the balcony overlooking your private beach? Lush Lofi is a pretty good playlist to give you that feel. Live your best lofi Lana Del Rey life. 

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  1. These are pretty interesting playlists! I'd be interested in listening to all of them, actually!