Thursday, April 18, 2019

beauty | target beauty box

Hi all! I recently stopped by my local Target and saw they had some spring beauty boxes in stock. There were three to choose from, so of course, I went for the floral one with the more "natural" alternatives. 

Inside are a few products I've never tried, but I've used all of the brands before, and there was also a coupon! 

If you've never gotten a Target beauty box before, I think they're very much worth the splurge. They are only $7 and have recently expanded their line from only one type to catering to mainstream, natural, and a more masculine beauty box. Inside will be about 4-5 products, and will usually have a coupon for one of the brands included. 

They also include a paper inside that tells you what you've received and it usually has nice tips on how to utilize the products! 

As you can see, these are all items that are small, but most times they include some sort of full sized product. I purposefully chose this box because the items are all small. I enjoy travel sized items, and figured these would be great! 

The SkinActive line by Garnier is actually one of my faves and I have LOVED the rose facial spray for quite a while now (over a year, probably!). I use the Pixi glow tonic daily (love this stuff soooooooo much), so I am beyond excited to see how the toner does for my skin over time, 

As for the deodorant and body wash- 

method - I love method products and this body wash is soooooooo lush and yummy smelling. It's the perfect size and honestly, this bottle is so sturdy I'm considering seeing if they sell a bigger size of the body wash so I can refill this bottle for when I travel. 

Native - their products are great for being an affordable natural alternative. I don't typically care for 
natural deodorants as many contain baking soda and I have bad reactions when it's applied to my skin (this does contain baking soda). However, the smell is nice that I don't mind throwing this in my bag for days when the heat really makes me stinky. 

Overall, I find these boxes totally worth the money! Have you ever gotten one before? 

Monday, April 15, 2019

review | wish wooden crochet hook set

WISH is the current rabbit hole I think we all fall down occasionally. I downloaded the app randomly, since there are some nice things on there every once in a while (I got a perfume atomizer and I enjoy it to this day a while back). 

Of course, using some sort of data gathered, wish figured out that I crochet! This set of hooks was recommended to me, and it was $3.05 to get the hooks shipped to me. It took about 2 weeks, which is considerably fast for wish to ship something. 

They arrived in a simple, super cheap flimsy mailer with no padding whatsoever, so it's a good thing one of them were damaged.

They all have their mm labeled on them, and are smooth for the most part.

I tested one hook out with a thick yarn that was fuzzy because I wanted to see if the fiber strands would catch or not on any potential roughness.

.... and it did! But this doesn't mean I do not like these hooks. They're smooth for the most part, light, and were so cheap that I do not mind them catching. I intend to use them for projects where my yarn is likely to be snag-free! 

Have you ever ordered anything from wish and was pleasantly surprised by how good of quality it actually was? 

Saturday, March 30, 2019

review | peach slices charcoal crystal clarifying shimmer peel-off mask

 Charcoal, shimmer, peel-off- all buzz words for what is trendy with skincare right now! Charcoal has been added to a lot of things (like the black lemonade which you SHOULD NOT JUST DRINK!!!! {charcoal is used to detox the body, but you shouldn't just ingest it willy nilly, guys}). Shimmer is always a glamorous person's best friend, and a peel-off mask is a #lazygirl dream. 

So today, I am reviewing the fun peach slices charcoal crystal clarifying shimmer peel-off mask (whew, this felt like a run-on sentence). 

I found mine at Target on sale, but you can find it here! (Would like to mention this isn't a sponsorship, and I paid for this with my own money). 

The packaging is really cute and simple. I think it definitely appeals to this day and age of making sure your products are instagram worthy. And yes, this photo will be on my instagram if you were wondering, haha! 

Here is a swatch of the product. When I first opened it, I didn't see any shimmer, but then I moved it into the light and was pleasantly surprised to see it was full of pretty little sparkles. 
Close up of it applied to my skin, and drying- you can see how it definitely is sucking the dirt from my pores!
The product does not come with an applicator of any sort, but for once, I do not totally mind it. For one, only I will be using this product, and secondly, I do not mind dipping a clean fingertip in this product. I literally only had to dip my fingertip in to get a good amount of product to smear all over an area. 

The nose portion from the peeled off mask- you can see how it's pulled out some stuff! 

Really, I was a bit shocked at 1) how well the product spreads 2) just how little you need to still get great coverage, and 3) how it's still quite opaque. 

I followed the directions and started with a clean face and applied a layer that wasn't too thick, but also not too thin. I waited about 25 minutes and then peeled it off, surprised to see it came off in one go!

♥ My skin feels softer after one use, and I do believe quite a bit of my natural oilyness was absorbed

♥ It didn't feel super shockingly tightening- you know those masks that seriously kinda hurt because of how they dry? This one was still comfortable to wear

♥ I found the scent to be pleasant enough that it wasn't a distracting sensation

♥ Like with most peel off masks, if you apply it too thinly, it will leave behind straggler pieces, but for me, these were minimal 

♥ Pores did not look as clogged, and skin felt refreshed afterwards

I think the money, this mask is a great value. With it's ingredients including some essential oils as well, those can help with clarifying skin. As well as how it seems to spread well without requiring a ridiculous amount to coat your face, and the cheaper price point, this is a great mask, especially if you're looking to get into peel offs!

Do you prefer peel off masks, or do you like different types of masks? Let me know! 

Monday, March 18, 2019

#lazygirl | 3 spa night hacks

Sometimes we want to have a nice spa night, but having a nice spa night often takes a lot of time to prepare, or it costs a lot of money to have someone else do it for you. But hey, us #lazygirls deserve a nice night once in a while too!

I've done a cozy night hacks post too- check it out if a spa night isn't really your jam! 

I like to throw bath salts on the floor when I first start a shower to get the aromatherapy benefits! 
1. take a shower, then sit on the floor

Okay, you're gonna look at me like I'm the wild one for suggesting it, but if you've never spent a few minutes at the end of a shower, pretending you're enjoying warm tropical rain while on vacation in some hot and sunny destination, then I don't know what to tell you! Sometimes, running a bath is really way too much work and then you worry about which bath bomb you're going to use! 

If you'll willingly sit in a bathtub full of warm water with your own skin flakes floating around in it, then you should be fine with pretending you're in a 3 minute long dove commercial while you relax. 

2. dim the lights

This is the easiest way to pretend you can actually relax. Dimming lights creates such a romantic atmosphere, and if you have that energy to light a candle, then even better. Fairy lights also make for a great mood setter, as they have that odd effect of making you feel romantic and whimsical at the same time. 

You can put a clay one on, wait about 15 mins, then hop in the shower to wash it off easily!
3. whip on a face mask

Be it a peel off one, a sheet mask, or if you're particularly ambitious- a clay mask- just do a face mask after your shower when you're sitting in the glow of post lotion application (yes, use the more creamy lotion, you spoiled rotten girl you). I like sheet masks cause my skin is clean and I just put one on, then listen to an audiobook or podcast for about 20 minutes, peel it off, throw it away, and follow up with my #lazygirl skin care routine. It's that simple! 

PS. Spa nights can happen any night that you need them! I think I do spa nights about 3-5 times a week depending on how badly I need those extra few minutes of self care and time to think. 

What are your #lazygirl spa night hacks? Have you ever sat on the shower floor and pretended you're a mermaid basking in the shallows during a rainstorm?

Saturday, March 16, 2019

craft | 3 easy crochet patterns i LOVE

Hi all! 

Are you a sometimes-sort-not-really crocheter? Just like me? Or maybe you go through really intense phases where you're hookin' ( ;D ) for days on end? 

Well, in any case of crocheters, there's no denying a simple and fast pattern does some wonders for your motivation. Finishing a project fast makes life feel so good! So, I've gathered a few here that are quick, easy, and oh so fun. 


These gloves make an AMAZING present, and use up that leftover half a skein (or a few if you wanna go wild with colors) perfectly! I love making these and they really do work up quickly, especially if you use a chunkier yarn. 

cr: Weaving Wonder
Bernat Velvet yarn is the perfect yarn for a luxe scrunchie, and I found a few yarns that mimic this awesome yarn for much lower prices. I've used this pattern, but altered a few parts of it to make my own scrunchies. I love it though! What an awesome blast from the past. I've given one to all of my friends so far. 


I've made several of these hats as gifts and for myself before. It's a very basic pattern, and so much easier than crocheting in the round where you have to reduce or increase stitches and use stitch markers! This is an easy one that you can crochet in the span of a movie most likely! 

Are you a beginner crocheter? Or an advanced one? Or are you interested in starting? Let me know in the comments ♥