about me

Hi there! My name is Kassidy. 

I don't currently have blonde hair as of writing this, but I love this photo!
You've come to this page to learn more about me, right? Well....

♥ I'm 23 years old (my birthday is March 13th!)

♥ I am one of two siblings in my family, and yes, I'm the older one!

♥ I am left-handed, but I am right-side dominant

♥ I'm a chronic starter and a sometimes finisher (sadly!)

♥ I deal with diagnosed depression and anxiety

♥ Rain is my favorite type of weather (If you couldn't tell!)

♥.... and I'm so glad you are here

If there is anything else you would like to know about me, you can hit up my twitter or my instagram, or shoot me an email at its.raining.darling(@)gmail.com.

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