Saturday, March 30, 2019

review | peach slices charcoal crystal clarifying shimmer peel-off mask

 Charcoal, shimmer, peel-off- all buzz words for what is trendy with skincare right now! Charcoal has been added to a lot of things (like the black lemonade which you SHOULD NOT JUST DRINK!!!! {charcoal is used to detox the body, but you shouldn't just ingest it willy nilly, guys}). Shimmer is always a glamorous person's best friend, and a peel-off mask is a #lazygirl dream. 

So today, I am reviewing the fun peach slices charcoal crystal clarifying shimmer peel-off mask (whew, this felt like a run-on sentence). 

I found mine at Target on sale, but you can find it here! (Would like to mention this isn't a sponsorship, and I paid for this with my own money). 

The packaging is really cute and simple. I think it definitely appeals to this day and age of making sure your products are instagram worthy. And yes, this photo will be on my instagram if you were wondering, haha! 

Here is a swatch of the product. When I first opened it, I didn't see any shimmer, but then I moved it into the light and was pleasantly surprised to see it was full of pretty little sparkles. 
Close up of it applied to my skin, and drying- you can see how it definitely is sucking the dirt from my pores!
The product does not come with an applicator of any sort, but for once, I do not totally mind it. For one, only I will be using this product, and secondly, I do not mind dipping a clean fingertip in this product. I literally only had to dip my fingertip in to get a good amount of product to smear all over an area. 

The nose portion from the peeled off mask- you can see how it's pulled out some stuff! 

Really, I was a bit shocked at 1) how well the product spreads 2) just how little you need to still get great coverage, and 3) how it's still quite opaque. 

I followed the directions and started with a clean face and applied a layer that wasn't too thick, but also not too thin. I waited about 25 minutes and then peeled it off, surprised to see it came off in one go!

♥ My skin feels softer after one use, and I do believe quite a bit of my natural oilyness was absorbed

♥ It didn't feel super shockingly tightening- you know those masks that seriously kinda hurt because of how they dry? This one was still comfortable to wear

♥ I found the scent to be pleasant enough that it wasn't a distracting sensation

♥ Like with most peel off masks, if you apply it too thinly, it will leave behind straggler pieces, but for me, these were minimal 

♥ Pores did not look as clogged, and skin felt refreshed afterwards

I think the money, this mask is a great value. With it's ingredients including some essential oils as well, those can help with clarifying skin. As well as how it seems to spread well without requiring a ridiculous amount to coat your face, and the cheaper price point, this is a great mask, especially if you're looking to get into peel offs!

Do you prefer peel off masks, or do you like different types of masks? Let me know! 

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