Saturday, March 16, 2019

craft | 3 easy crochet patterns i LOVE

Hi all! 

Are you a sometimes-sort-not-really crocheter? Just like me? Or maybe you go through really intense phases where you're hookin' ( ;D ) for days on end? 

Well, in any case of crocheters, there's no denying a simple and fast pattern does some wonders for your motivation. Finishing a project fast makes life feel so good! So, I've gathered a few here that are quick, easy, and oh so fun. 


These gloves make an AMAZING present, and use up that leftover half a skein (or a few if you wanna go wild with colors) perfectly! I love making these and they really do work up quickly, especially if you use a chunkier yarn. 

cr: Weaving Wonder
Bernat Velvet yarn is the perfect yarn for a luxe scrunchie, and I found a few yarns that mimic this awesome yarn for much lower prices. I've used this pattern, but altered a few parts of it to make my own scrunchies. I love it though! What an awesome blast from the past. I've given one to all of my friends so far. 


I've made several of these hats as gifts and for myself before. It's a very basic pattern, and so much easier than crocheting in the round where you have to reduce or increase stitches and use stitch markers! This is an easy one that you can crochet in the span of a movie most likely! 

Are you a beginner crocheter? Or an advanced one? Or are you interested in starting? Let me know in the comments ♥ 

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