Friday, March 1, 2019

a thrifty whimsy | president's day haul

Hello and welcome to a segment on my blog that I'm pretty excited about!

I love it when there are featured segments on blogs. A lot of people will do a style series or interview bloggers, and I honestly love those so much. They're structured in a similar way, and I think it provides a good "in" for regular readers, as they feel apart of the action and easily reference an earlier post in the series. 

Thrift shopping is something I've always done. My grandpa on my mom's side is a thrifty person by nature, and he would always take my brother and I on a circuit of the local thrift shops around town when we would visit. We always found interesting things here and there. 

So, in need of new pants because the literal 3 pairs I wear to death are falling apart, I headed out to the Goodwill that opened up during the summer, and boy, oh boy, did I make a huge getaway!

This haul was actually a huge accomplishment because I can usually find neat things at the thrift store, but since I've gained weight over the past few years, it's been getting harder and harder to find clothes that fit me well. However, this haul was amazing in that I actually bought six pairs of pants. Five pairs of jeans and a pair of leggings. I had gone into the fitting room with eight pairs of pants, with no high expectations at all, and yet six pairs fit me!

I'm so happy that it worked out the way it did!

I actually had big success with denim this trip, finding this cute embroidered denim shirt.

Embroidery continued to be a trend for me, and I found this awesome Ava & Viv shirt from Target. I remember seeing this shirt last year when I was perusing Target, but I couldn't justify the price tag. At around $6 for an additional 50% off? You bet I bought it.

Some nice ripped jeans and this brand new sweatshirt from a local theater production of Carmen found their way into my cart...

As well as a basic striped long sleeve shirt and some interesting leggings with some weird semi-horror images on it.

I also can't resist stopping by the shoe section!

I found these shoes from apostrophe, with a cute little heel and a wonderfully classic look to them.

And then these Minnetonka mules, which I'm so excited to wear when the snow finally melts here! It may sound silly, but I'm planning on crocheting (or knitting????) some socks to wear with this specifically.

What do you like to look for when thrifting? Do you go with a plan or just mosey around till you find an interesting treasure? 

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