Wednesday, February 20, 2019

mental health | yes, sometimes self care is...

Yes, sometimes self care is a bathbomb or a face mask. Sometimes self care is buying new clothes. Sometimes self care is making a cup of tea and curling up with your latest knitting project or newest book. 

But self care isn't always cozy and cute and calming. 

Sometimes self care shows itself in finally seeing that your hair is dripping with grease and it's time to take a shower. Sometimes self care is screaming into a pillow because you've been holding it all in and it just needs to get out now

Most importantly, self care looks different for every single person. Yes, perhaps 800,000 instagrammers are currently dropping a bath bomb into their tub and showing it on their stories. So what? If that is their form of self care, let them be. If your form of self care is making your bed for once, then hell yes! 

I think a lot of people like to focus on what things "aren't" for them, but fail to acknowledge that it might be that way for someone else. Sure, Susie is living a glam life and her form of self care is spending extra time on perfecting her fake tan. Again, so what? 

I think the most important tip for self care is that you need to look to the name itself.

Self care. 

Not "that girl on instagram/youtube/twitter" care. 

It is self care. 

Personally, for me, self care is taking a slightly longer shower than usual. Self care is finally going and buying pants that fit right. Self care is acknowledging I need to stop and pause for a moment. 

What is your self care like?

Friday, February 8, 2019

whole30 | i did it!

Wow oh wow- how did I ever finish something? I'm honestly shocked by the fact that I stuck to the compliant list- I didn't go out to eat or waste money on food. I googled what I didn't know, and I made sure to scour my labels as if they held winning lottery numbers. 

Which the confirmation of "no sugar, no dairy, no soy, no legumes, no grains, no unpronounceable additives" is basically like winning the lottery when you are looking at things that have to be packaged in some ways! When it comes to things like bacon, sauces, and other things that we take for granted when being able to eat them "normally", it's really nice that there are options out there that aren't laden down with nasty ingredients. Of course, making your own is the best idea, but also, who has all the time or the kitchen supplies to do that?

That being said, I cooked soooooo much that easy things like microwaving a sweet potato with compliant hot dogs and salads became go-tos during my whole30 journey. I'm actually going to write up a few separate posts on what helped me be successful and what helped me survive!

So, how do I feel?

Pretty elated, mostly over my accomplishment of, well, accomplishing something fully!

That being said, I did go off-plan and off my reintroduction plan by eating some junk because today's a hard day (it's my mother's birthday, and it's been the third birthday we've had to celebrate without her being alive anymore). So it's a hard day and my body is feeling the brunt of eating some pizza and sugary things.

Do I regret going off plan?

Honestly, no. I feel like whole30 gave me so many tools and proved to me I can do something. I already have a suspicion of what's hurting more than others. I'm going back to my reintroduction phase tomorrow (which isn't how it works, I KNOW), but it's how it's going to work for me.

Have you done the whole30? How did it affect you? What did you learn?