Thursday, October 18, 2018

sometimes trusting your gut means you eat a lot of ice cream

... It could also mean your period has started, but let's go with trusting that gut feeling.

Today has been a weird day of roller coaster emotions, and I do know a lot of that is definitely attributed to my obvious fluctuating hormonal state right now, but at the same time, I feel so overwhelmed with choices in life. 

The prospect of moving back home to the Seattle area was brought up in a conversation today, and as it's something I've been thinking about, I'm sure the universe was manifesting my thoughts into vocal expression. And yet, I'm terrified. I want to go back home, I really do. 

But it costs money and with money comes anxiety and with anxiety comes dread and the dread turns into depression and the depression turns into full-blown apathy and then the-

It's just a mess. 

So tonight, I'm trusting my gut instinct to not think about it anymore and to eat ice cream. Hey, Halo Top is a healthier-ish alternative to actually eating a pint of ice cream. (I can really only manage like 10 small bites of each before I tap out on sweet overload anyways.)

What do you do when things get stressful?

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