Saturday, October 6, 2018

my reading list for october...

I've been trying my hardest to read more books! Especially physical books if I can. My friend Ash has started a new blog where she's going to blog about books, and boy if it hasn't inspired me to get reading again.

You can check out Ash's new blog here

Please show her some love!

Here are 3 books I'm going to try to complete this month....

1. Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism by Fumio Sasaki

I'm reading this book on my phone via kindle unlimited. I saw it in Barnes & Nobles when I was looking around, having some time to kill. It interested me because there are times in my life where I feel like too much of a maximalist, and the concept of minimalism is appealing for several different reasons. I will do a review on this book when I finish it!

2. A Beautiful Mind, A Beautiful Life: The Bubz Guide to Being Unstoppable by Lindy Tsang aka bubzbeauty

I picked this up at Barnes & Nobles during their book haul sale where certain books were 50% off. I've always somewhat followed Lindy's journey in life, and was a devout watcher of her vlogs through her pregnancy with baby Isaac up until they moved back to Ireland, and then I kinda fell off. I think she's a genuine soul, and I'm so excited to read her work!

3. Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi (Illustrated by Gris Grimly)

I know, I know... This is a classic, and I've never fully read it through! My dad gave me this beautiful copy about... Oh gosh, I would say almost 14 or so years ago as a gift, and I have never fully read it, but it's been the one book I've never let go of (and I've had to leave/donate a lot of books behind with moving and other situations). So this month, I am DETERMINED to actually read through it! The whimiscal illustrations through it and the muted neutral color scheme give it a perfect balance of autumn and spooky! I actually intend to do a book review on this book and why it means a lot to me for me having kept it.

What books are on your reading list this month?

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