Friday, October 5, 2018

dealing with darker days...

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I'm no stranger to depression. It runs in my family, and has spanning back at least three generations. Sadly, it is an everyday struggle I have to try and overcome. Some days, it's super easy to overcome it. Some other days, however, it's the biggest hurdle I have to get over. There are things in life that are definitely worse, but the worst part of depression? It literally is all mental- it's a chemical imbalance that you feel, and other's possibly can't feel. As someone who is generally very empathetic and sympathetic, I find it hardest to deal with depression when I am surrounded by people who do not understand it.

So the big question is- how do I actually deal with it?

1. Remember, you are not alone.

There are so many others out there that do struggle with varying degrees of depression. It's best to find someone who is optimistic about their own struggle (hello, yes, we do exist even if it seems nearly impossible sometimes). There are online groups to help find local resources, or to just reach out to. I found my biggest support online, and many of those people have become great friends along the way.

2. Balance out what you can

Are you getting enough vitamin D? B12? How about magnesium and calcium? It might be hard to remember to take a good multivitamin to help boost your nutrients, but it is overall essential to good health. You can eat clean and workout, but if you can still be missing out on vital nutrients. If you can, get a blood work-up from your doctor and see where you're missing out on certain supplements, and then fix the issue.

3. Workout and eat better

At the least, try to eat a fruit and vegetable a day, even if you're eating crap otherwise. And try to do some yoga, or maybe wiggle around to a song in your room. I don't think it's necessary to explain moving releases those feel good chemicals into your brain.

4. Try to meditate

I've been using insight timer at night to help me focus and calm down, as well as process what happened during my day. Meditation can help lower cortisol levels, which are triggered in response to stress, and thus, it can also lower blood pressure levels. Meditation can help you become more mindful, and be filled with more gratitude.

5. Find light in your life, and hold onto it

My friends and my family make my life infinitely richer. I will treasure them and hold them close to my heart, and keep them in my good and happy thoughts. I also love to read and to write. I love to stretch out my tired body, and I love a good nap. These later things aren't always entirely thought of as the cream of the crop, but they're what bring me happiness. If there's anything I've learned in regards to depression, it's that you really have to hold onto what brings light into your life.

Do you suffer from depression? What do you do to make your bad days into better days?

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