Thursday, October 18, 2018

sometimes trusting your gut means you eat a lot of ice cream

... It could also mean your period has started, but let's go with trusting that gut feeling.

Today has been a weird day of roller coaster emotions, and I do know a lot of that is definitely attributed to my obvious fluctuating hormonal state right now, but at the same time, I feel so overwhelmed with choices in life. 

The prospect of moving back home to the Seattle area was brought up in a conversation today, and as it's something I've been thinking about, I'm sure the universe was manifesting my thoughts into vocal expression. And yet, I'm terrified. I want to go back home, I really do. 

But it costs money and with money comes anxiety and with anxiety comes dread and the dread turns into depression and the depression turns into full-blown apathy and then the-

It's just a mess. 

So tonight, I'm trusting my gut instinct to not think about it anymore and to eat ice cream. Hey, Halo Top is a healthier-ish alternative to actually eating a pint of ice cream. (I can really only manage like 10 small bites of each before I tap out on sweet overload anyways.)

What do you do when things get stressful?

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

versatile blogger award ♥

Wow! Okay, so let me say first of all a HUGE thank you to both Chelsea at One Inspired Mama and the DeVaulls at Wanderlust with the DeVaulls for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!

I've been blogging on and off again for probably about.... ten or so years, and rarely have I ever had blogger friends who are so interactive and wonderful. So a very big and heartfelt thank you to these wonderful folks, and to you for reading ♥


Thank the person who nominated you for the award
Include a link to their blog
Select and nominate 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly
Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself

1. I can unicycle - this is just such a random thing I can do that I like to share it haha. My PE teacher taught students during lunch how to unicycle when we were in third grade, and I basically never forgot how to. 

2. I love to cook! My favorite blogs to read are cooking blogs since I'm always so inspired in the kitchen to make something yummy and more often than not, healthy.

3. I've traveled more internationally than I have domestically (sight-seeing wise).

4. I'm left-handed and right-brained.

5. I could eat miso soup with rice all day everyday and probably never ever get sick of it. It's my ultimate comfort food.

6. I'm pretty much down for every music genre, but I'm so highly selective when it comes to country because I don't like it! Just Dolly Parton ♥

7. I can sing "Let It Go" in 5 different languages. I used to work in daycare with kids who spoke a variety of languages, so I tried to learn it in the languages they spoke! I'm rusty, but I can pretty much get my way through it in Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French, of course English! 

My nominees are...

1. Alex @
2. Geraldine @
3. Taylor @
4. Lavrax @
5. Molly @
6. Polly @ 
7. Elin @
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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

october 2018 bujo: mischief managed

In my journey to become a bit more crafty and to add just a touch of magic to my everyday life, I've been trying out bullet journaling for the past two months, with this October bujo being the most interactive one I've done so far.

I asked a few friends about what I should do for my October theme (as September's theme was a coffee date theme), and the most obvious answer was Harry Potter. Being a kid who grew up with the magic of HP fully unfolded before my eyes, it's safe to say I'm pretty familiar and comfortable with the stories. 

But I never knew my house!

Luckily, the Sorting Hat at Pottermore sorted me out and it turns out I'm in Gryffindor. I honestly did not expect that. 

(I follow amandarachlee for bujo inspiration) 

My quote page is something I love this month. My favorite Gryffindor is Luna Lovegood. I always found her character to be so smart and effortless. She was who she was, and I greatly admired that. 

Thus the quote for this month came from her ♥

I interspersed HP symbols everywhere and used as close to maroon and gold as I could manage with my Crayola super tip markers.

I found just doing little details make all the difference when you're doing bujo! 

And while I may not be the best artist nor have the best handwriting, I'm finding this spread is bringing me a lot of joy in more ways than one. 

Do you bujo? Would you be interested in hearing more about my bujo journey?

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

migraine madness

Hey y'all. I wanted to blog the past two days, but I've been dealing with on and off migraines. 

This is something I've struggled with for a long time, owing a lot to my scoliosis, but also to other things including stress and my body's annoying habit of easily depleting my body's B-12 units. 

Did you know that 30% of the US population has been surveyed as never even having a small headache? I can't imagine what my life would be without these debilitating episodes of intense pain inside of my head. 

The worst part about migraines is that no one can physically see how much pain it's causing you. It seems "dramatic" if you need to call out of work because you can't even stand up out of bed due to a headache or a migraine. It's really the worst sometimes. 

I try to treat mine with the usual suspects of 

- caffeine 
- hydration
- pain killers
- natural supplements
- sleep
- cracking my neck
- essential oils 
- and good ol' fashioned crying when it hurts too much

It's really something I struggle with daily, sometimes for days on end rather than interspersed. I went through a period without any headaches right after my birth control implant was removed, as my doctor and I thought it was the cause of everything.

That was all fine and dandy until the migraines started up again about a month ago. 

So now? Now I'm trying to take vitex with B6 to help level out my hormonal levels, as well as B-12, feverfew, magnesium, and a few other supplements to try and figure out what is causing it besides my physical issue. 

Do any of you suffer from invisible forms of pain? Perhaps it's a disability or perhaps it is moving migraines like mine? Let me know in the comments below! 

Sunday, October 7, 2018

5 #lazygirl tricks to hack a cozy evening

Who else reading my blog is a self-proclaimed #lazygirl? I am- part of it is to do with my depression and anxiety mental health struggles, but the other part of me?... I'm not sure. All I know is that I don't often have that internal drive to jump out of bed and loudly exclaim "THE WORLD IS MINE!!!!!!" each morning.

Or even at night- when I'm supposed to be winding down and trying to cozy up in bed to get myself snug, I put that off, and I'm someone who loves to sleep. 

I've been experimenting with ways to hack a cozy evening, #lazygirl style!

1. Turn down the heat- you should anyways.

Y'all know we are supposed to sleep at a cooler temperature at night, right? Some people I know do not believe this and are content to sleep in fiery pits of hell- heat-wise, at least. Aside from not dying in the heat (figuratively, of course), turning your heater down a smidge at night will give you an excuse to use all of those pretty throws you've impulsively bought knowing well that you have at least two like it at home.

2. Take a sock, fill it with rice, microwave it, and stick it at the foot of your bed. 

Warm blankets fresh out of the dryer are always awesome, but perhaps it's not a blanket washing day., and you really cannot be bothered with taking off the blankets, taking them to the dryer, waiting, and then taking them back to the bed and make the bed

The easiest way to get some of that warmth is to use a clean sock filled with heated dry rice and stick it in between your blankets. You could do one sock, or even three or five, and strategically place them around the bed. If you're fancy and have a hot water bottle, by all means, use that.

3. Easy microwaved cozy desserts

You want apple pie, but the stores are closed and you are not about to make a full-on pie at 12am in the morning. Or perhaps molten chocolate lava cake is more your pick of poison. 

No fear-

Here are a few easy microwaved desserts you can try out.

Spiced Pears (swap out the butter with vegan butter to make it dairy-free/vegan/gluten-free)
Molten Lava Cake (eggless!)

4. Thick, warm socks make any evening infinitely cozier.

For bonus points, take a minute to lather on thick body butter onto your feet before sticking them in the socks. This makes your feet soft and let's you feel like maybe you've got a tiny bit of control over your life anyways.

5. Too lazy to read? Go ahead and try an audiobook.

Or find a narrated story on YouTube. As much as I love reading, sometimes opening a physical book is just #TooMuch for me, so audiobooks are really nice. That way my hands are free to do something else (like knit, which calms my mind). I highly recommend Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire if you're looking for a cozy book. I'm not sure why, but that one in the series has always seemed much more cozy to me. So go ahead- listen to that audiobook and maybe also plan out your next Blogtober post?

What are YOUR #lazygirl hacks to make evenings more cozy as we descend into the colder months?

♥ Kassidy

Saturday, October 6, 2018

my reading list for october...

I've been trying my hardest to read more books! Especially physical books if I can. My friend Ash has started a new blog where she's going to blog about books, and boy if it hasn't inspired me to get reading again.

You can check out Ash's new blog here

Please show her some love!

Here are 3 books I'm going to try to complete this month....

1. Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism by Fumio Sasaki

I'm reading this book on my phone via kindle unlimited. I saw it in Barnes & Nobles when I was looking around, having some time to kill. It interested me because there are times in my life where I feel like too much of a maximalist, and the concept of minimalism is appealing for several different reasons. I will do a review on this book when I finish it!

2. A Beautiful Mind, A Beautiful Life: The Bubz Guide to Being Unstoppable by Lindy Tsang aka bubzbeauty

I picked this up at Barnes & Nobles during their book haul sale where certain books were 50% off. I've always somewhat followed Lindy's journey in life, and was a devout watcher of her vlogs through her pregnancy with baby Isaac up until they moved back to Ireland, and then I kinda fell off. I think she's a genuine soul, and I'm so excited to read her work!

3. Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi (Illustrated by Gris Grimly)

I know, I know... This is a classic, and I've never fully read it through! My dad gave me this beautiful copy about... Oh gosh, I would say almost 14 or so years ago as a gift, and I have never fully read it, but it's been the one book I've never let go of (and I've had to leave/donate a lot of books behind with moving and other situations). So this month, I am DETERMINED to actually read through it! The whimiscal illustrations through it and the muted neutral color scheme give it a perfect balance of autumn and spooky! I actually intend to do a book review on this book and why it means a lot to me for me having kept it.

What books are on your reading list this month?

Friday, October 5, 2018

dealing with darker days...

Photo by Swapnil Chakraborty from Pexels

I'm no stranger to depression. It runs in my family, and has spanning back at least three generations. Sadly, it is an everyday struggle I have to try and overcome. Some days, it's super easy to overcome it. Some other days, however, it's the biggest hurdle I have to get over. There are things in life that are definitely worse, but the worst part of depression? It literally is all mental- it's a chemical imbalance that you feel, and other's possibly can't feel. As someone who is generally very empathetic and sympathetic, I find it hardest to deal with depression when I am surrounded by people who do not understand it.

So the big question is- how do I actually deal with it?

1. Remember, you are not alone.

There are so many others out there that do struggle with varying degrees of depression. It's best to find someone who is optimistic about their own struggle (hello, yes, we do exist even if it seems nearly impossible sometimes). There are online groups to help find local resources, or to just reach out to. I found my biggest support online, and many of those people have become great friends along the way.

2. Balance out what you can

Are you getting enough vitamin D? B12? How about magnesium and calcium? It might be hard to remember to take a good multivitamin to help boost your nutrients, but it is overall essential to good health. You can eat clean and workout, but if you can still be missing out on vital nutrients. If you can, get a blood work-up from your doctor and see where you're missing out on certain supplements, and then fix the issue.

3. Workout and eat better

At the least, try to eat a fruit and vegetable a day, even if you're eating crap otherwise. And try to do some yoga, or maybe wiggle around to a song in your room. I don't think it's necessary to explain moving releases those feel good chemicals into your brain.

4. Try to meditate

I've been using insight timer at night to help me focus and calm down, as well as process what happened during my day. Meditation can help lower cortisol levels, which are triggered in response to stress, and thus, it can also lower blood pressure levels. Meditation can help you become more mindful, and be filled with more gratitude.

5. Find light in your life, and hold onto it

My friends and my family make my life infinitely richer. I will treasure them and hold them close to my heart, and keep them in my good and happy thoughts. I also love to read and to write. I love to stretch out my tired body, and I love a good nap. These later things aren't always entirely thought of as the cream of the crop, but they're what bring me happiness. If there's anything I've learned in regards to depression, it's that you really have to hold onto what brings light into your life.

Do you suffer from depression? What do you do to make your bad days into better days?

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

my fave autumnal teas

PSL gets all the love these days- and sure, coffee is great, but what about teas? The beloved OG of all things warm and good and healing! 

I've always a bigger tea drinker than a coffee drinker myself, thanks to growing up and sipping green tea during the winters and cold oolong or jasmine tea during summers. Recently, I've been delving more and more into the realm of tea blends, as well as branching out, so to speak, on the tea trees! 

Here are two of my fave autumnal teas. (I hope to update this list later in the month with a few more!)

1. pumpkin latte tea

We sell this at my work- it's so amazing. I've never really had a rooibos tea before this one, and boy, did it change my entire perspective on what an herbal tea should taste like. 

2. ginger chai latte

A little bit of spice is oh so nice! I definitely enjoy this tea, even if it's not a "traditional" type that you steep. It's perfect for on the go moments, and tastes great with an extra squeeze of honey mixed in. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

3 of my fave spotify playlists

I've been a pretty devoted spotify listener for going on two years now. It's just the best streaming service I've found, and it is very reasonably priced for the range of music and podcasts it accommodates. 

Recently, I've been very into a few playlists I've found on there and thought I would share! 

1. Hyggelig Jazz 

Hygge (hue-guh), the Danish term for conveying a cozy mood and contentment and warmth, is a growing trend in the US, and across the world. Th
at, along with the idea of the Konmari method for minimalism, it's taken off in even such a maximalist based culture here. To really up the hygge feeling in your home, this playlist really nails it on the head! Throw on some organic wool socks, drink some tea, and curl up with a good book while you listen to this playlist.

2. Tokyo Rising

Looking to get into more music from Japan? Tokyo Rising is literally the hottest curated playlist that includes new music from both new and old artists! From good standbys like Perfume, to  the slightly newer joji (more popularly [or unpopularly] known as filthy frank), and new artists you've never heard of! And because Japan has an obsession with adding English in to their songs, there's actually quite a few songs that are in English, so it's perfect for the casual listener. 

3. Lush Lofi

In the mood for lofi but wanting to feel more like it's rolling off your skin the way silk does before it falls to the ground as you walk out onto the balcony overlooking your private beach? Lush Lofi is a pretty good playlist to give you that feel. Live your best lofi Lana Del Rey life. 

Monday, October 1, 2018

a little cold brew interlude

I've been getting more and more into drinking coffee. More recently, it's been to help with headaches, which I have suffered from since I was little. However, my friend Jordan was visiting with me a little over a month ago, and she has become obsessed with cold brew recently. 

I bought a french press, since there's a local coffee we sell at my work and I thought I wanted to have it at home.

Turns out I hate it when it's hot french pressed!!! It's nothing wrong with the coffee itself, nor the french press (I'm following the instructions properly, mind you), but I figured I would try my hand at making cold brew coffee. It's the craze that's been sweeping the nation for sure. 

I followed some instructions I gathered from several different websites. Most agreed on about a cup of coarsely ground coffee and about 16oz of room temp filtered water and letting it sit for at least 12hrs. After following these instructions, I found it to be such a mild taste and perfect for my palette. 

I recommend throwing in some creamer and a dash of milk of your choice. Of course... Some pumpkin spice this time of year won't go amiss!

Have you ever made cold brew at home? If so, let me know your method!