Wednesday, January 2, 2019

a love letter for the new year

I wanted to set my year off right... It's become very trendy to pick a simple word for the new year to hopefully set how the mood will be for your for the rest of the year. 

I've thought about it, and wondered if 'balance' or 'productivity' would be good words to choose. Of course, they very much are, but... This year, I've chosen a different word.


This year is bound to be full of it, and I find I do my best work when it's done in love and done with love supporting it from others. When I feel love and when I give love, everything really does have a wonderful rose tint to it. Love makes you feel romantic and whimsical and beautiful and weightless. 

I want to feel so much of that. 

Already, I've experienced so much love and it's only been 24ish hours into the new year. 

A major shout out to my best friend across the pond, Amy, who sent me a lovely message. 

Amy, I wish you growth and prosperity. Fun and joy, and of course, love. 

To my other friends, my message is much the same. 

We all deserve love and kindness and happiness. 2018, for so many, was a difficult year, and I think a great deal of us felt hatred, anger, apathy, and overwhelming despair at the prospects we've faced. To be very fair, so many threats and uncertainties loom over us, and we can never be sure what the future holds, but sometimes- just sometimes, it's those little moments where we see a flower blooming and we can feel a small kindling of love. 

So, 2019, we've just met, but I already love you and I hope you will love me in return ♥

Monday, December 31, 2018

farewell, 2018

2018 really was an interesting year for me.

I tried a few new things and learned failure all over again. It's humbling, as usual, to learn you cannot succeed in everything you want to. It's even more humbling to have someone else tell you that, and to have your failures put right in front of your face. 

As I sit here and reflect, many wonderful things that I did come to my mind. 

- I picked up crocheting again, and got back into learning how to knit
- I started to blog after a long hiatus (still getting the hang of it, but I'm doing it!)
- I learned to get over my fear of setting my plans to the side if it meant it would upset or lightly inconvenience someone
- I've written A LOT this year!
- I made plans that will benefit my future and get me to a much happier space
- I started to #adult more

Now, onto 2019...

Happy New Year // あけましておめでとうございます

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


I'm playing catch-up because it's bugging me like crazy to see that the days aren't exactly aligned. These were going to be two separate posts, but since I had to skip a day of Blogmas, we are going to combine them into one! I think my Blogmas schedule is going to be every other day!

I feel like there's a lot of crossover anyways, so it's perfect ♥ 

Nevermind that this post is going to entirely read as a personal want list-

what to buy for a.... BLOGGER

Image result for blog planner
The Blog Planner (printable) by Georgia Lou Studios 

1. A blog planner! 

Even if it is a physical journal, or an Etsy purchase of a downloadable (and therefore endless re-prints!) blog planner, this will go a long way in supporting your budding blogger buddy (like that?). Really, this little bit of support can be as cheap as $10 and it will mean the world to your friend or fellow blogger. We can always use more organization to get a handle on our blogs!

2. A gift card to their fave cafe

Seriously, some of us can get a lot more work done when we are surrounded by other human beings who are creating a pleasant buzzing ambiance near us. It distracts our minds from wandering too much and can ensure we are doing work because "look how important I look working on my computer right now- am I writing a screenplay? Or furthering my career? You'll never know!". 

I can't tell you how much a $10-$15 gift card to Starbucks can warm my heart ♥ (Shoutout to Reida and Tina specifically who've supported me this way before!)

Person Typing on Macbook on Desk

3. A blogging course

If you notice it's not too crazy of a price (or unless you view a $500+ course as a great gift ((((that's such a wonderful sign of trust, belief, and commitment♥♥))))). But there are plenty out there that are supporting smaller bloggers who in turn help other bloggers learn more about the industry. 

4. A seat pad

This one seems silly, but when your business/or serious hobby requires you to sit in a chair at a desk for several hours in the day or week, it does take it's toll on one's back and derriere. A simple $20 ergonomic seat cushion can do wonders!

5. A book by a blogger

Several bloggers out there have made successful businesses from blogging and even have gone so far as to publish books. There are literally thousands of books from bloggers in all kinds of different categories. Some get picked up by huge publishers, or some are self-published. Either way, you'll be supporting two bloggers at once with a gift like this.!

Whew! I could literally add about 2030493930 more useful items for a blogger in this list, but I figure it's time we ought to check out....

what to buy for a.... FITNESS ENTHUSIAST!

1. A smart watch with a fitness tracker

I've recently been totally lusting over the Samsung Galaxy Watch (and will hopefully make this purchase in the beginning of 2019!), and since it not only has connectivity to your phone and can connect to wireless headphones AND store music on it, it also tracks activity! If your fitness enthusiast is trying to track steps, heart rate, or sleep, a smart watch is ideal as it will give them all of those features AND let them keep their phone in the gym locker so they aren't fiddling with it too much. 

Woman in White Jacket Holding Silver Iphone

2. A subscription to some kind of fitness/wellness app

Pay for a year of MyFitnessPal or Fabulous for your loved fitness lover. If they're super into tracking their macros, the MFP one is a great option. If they're looking for an overall wellbeing check, paying for Fabulous or even a mediation subscription can really keep their mental health in check .Each time they "oohm", they'll have you in their most grateful thoughts!

3. A gift card to their fave health related store

You can get them a gift card to a place like Under Armor, or even to their fave juice bar. I think gift cards are actually really sweet gifts and they're practical. You know the receiver will use them too, and the receiver gets that little boost of "Oh I don't need to pay for something even though I'm the one picking it out!", which is nice for me personally. 

Blue and Brown Thai Massage Wooden Hanging Decor

4. A massage!

Either you give them one yourself or send them to a nice relaxing 60 minutes of utter heaven. Like I said before, our physical health is important, but so is our mental health! That includes emotional and spiritual health too, so go ahead and spoil your fitness nut with a very much needed and most likely very welcomed massage. 

What would YOU give to a BLOGGER or the FITNESS ENTHUSIAST in your life? 

(PS, if you're a blogger who has written a book, please link it in the comments for others to see!)

Monday, December 3, 2018

BLOGMAS | "classic" foods i love to eat during christmas

Hi all! I apologize for not posting yesterday for the *official* Blogmas day 2, but there were some family issues going on that needed time to be addressed. Thanks to those on twitter who sent well-wishes! 

In other news- I have a second job! I'm trying to save up money for some big plans, but the current part time I have isn't cutting it anymore. So I've picked up another job and will hopefully get going really soon! Again, thank you to twitter fam that sent love and support for the interview.

Anyways, I thought I would quickly write up my official day two of Blogmas on some recipes we typically make during the Christmas season in my family. (I'm waiting for my preworkout to kick in and I think it's kinda making me jumpy already).

Photo by from Pexels

"yummy potatoes" aka the Mormon standard for funerals/get togethers/parties/anything, really, funeral potatoes

Apparently this stuff is being packaged and sold now? We've always made it from scratch. My mom came from a Mormon background (as for me? agnostic, you didn't ask but I had to clarify), so we've had a lot of "classic Mormon" dishes growing up. 

She thought that funeral potatoes sounded too sad, so she always called them yummy potatoes for us because, well, they are! 

2. Ham, ham, thank you, ma'am. 

I love a good Christmas ham. Turkeys kinda suck and roasted chicken goes almost along the same vein (it's also just not a very "yay" type of food for me since I eat chicken daily). But a Christmas ham? Mmm, mm, mm! 

3. Rolls! 

I like to make this easy artisan bread that I learned how to make back in high school when I took advanced cooking (seriously, this was the easiest class in the world AND I got free food!)

Here's a quick link to the EASIEST, YUMMIEST bread ever! If you don't like a super hard crusty crust (my grandma can't eat it), put the pan of water in at the same time with the bread instead of pouring it into a hot pan. 

4. Gravy

I could eat gravy and mashed potatoes, gravy on rolls, gravy on ham- I mean... There aren't many things on a classic Christmas spread that you can't gravy-fy. I won't link to a gravy recipe because everyone does it so differently!

What's your fave classic Christmas foods? 

Saturday, December 1, 2018

BLOGMAS | it's beginning to look a lot like blogmas

Snow is falling, the temperatures are dropping, and I'm actually wearing a coat for once in my life. 

Oh, and gloves!

Today marks the first post of Blogmas 2018! It'll be my first year attempting this, and unlike blogtober, this event is actually planned out! I'm so excited to publish these posts I have either fully written or mostly written (and soon to be finished). 

Are any of you participating in Blogmas this year? If so, is it your first year or are you a seasoned veteran? 

Anything you want to see? Let me know!